Last week, we talked about the magic of manifesting. I wanted to follow up with another story of how quickly this works.

I just returned from a fabulous family trip in Costa Rica and this trip manifested in less than two days. While you’re reading, I want you to look for the clues and watch how I really trusted the universe to make something special happen.

Just like most of the country, I was suffering the winter blues, among other things. Spring break was around the corner and I wanted to experience a change of my physical location for many reasons. This is a challenging month for me. This would have been my 20th wedding anniversary, plus it is my late first husband’s birthday (we celebrate this rather than his death/transition day). Needless to say, it’s draining. Despite my happiness now, waves of grief hit me – hard sometimes.

I asked the universe to help me maintain my vibe and help me stay in flow this month. My oracle cards kept giving me signs that I needed to go to the ocean and revive myself. I looked for deals and places in Florida, and nothing because it was spring break. In fact, the place I wanted to go was being refurbished.

I said to the universe, “Ok if not Florida, then where? Please show me.” And I got my answer(s) the next day when I had dinner with a friend. She was talking about a yoga retreat in Costa Rica at a place she loves (Blue Spirit), insisting I must go there someday. The next day, another friend posted that she was in Costa Rica on FB. And then that night, a friend came over unexpectedly (I love that two of my friends just showed up with sangria), and she said, “We are going to Costa Rica for break. If you guys want to come just get yourselves there and you can stay with us. We have a house that accommodates 10.”

At first my ego mind said, “That’s crazy. How could you pull that off in two weeks?” And then I stopped, and noticed the signs. Yes, they were obvious, but that’s not always the case when you’re in the thick of it.

The next day, I checked on how expensive flights would be and expected them to be through the roof. But low and behold, I actually had enough miles to fly my girls and me there for free and in business class. Everything was clicking and pretty easily. Finally, I checked for vaccinations. We only needed a couple and all of them worked out like clockwork. My tax refund came in (yes I over paid and got money back) and it turned out to be the exact amount for our fair share for the house. I took it as another sign and wrote a check to my friend. That helped me feel more in integrity with myself.

Off we went for a week in paradise.

In the end, with all the synchronicities, I felt supported on my journey and that it was even leading to new and unexplored territory – literally.

The point here is with manifesting you need to keep asking, keep paying attention, and keep trusting that the universe is supporting you. Above all, keep allowing yourself to receive.

Call to action: If you want to experiment with manifesting or test your power, try it on little things like a free parking space or a great table at that new restaurant. Imagine your mind enjoying that close spot or eating that delicious meal with the best wait service. Put your request out there will full certainty, knowing and trust that it will happen. By trust, I mean that you drive to the front of the building knowing you will get a spot there. Don’t drive around hoping it all works out and figuring, “What are the chances.” You see yourself easily finding that spot and swinging into it. Again, you know it will. Keep practicing and as your asks get bigger so will your trust in yourself, which will be fully supported by the universe. Remember that you are never alone. You just need to ask to receive.

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