Yes, heaven and hell both exist, but not in the way you think…

They exist in your mind, and how you see things will ultimately determine the reality you live in. You have a choice in how you receive what happens to you, and what you create from that place.  It’s not easy to do, but fortunately there’s a simple formula for shifting your world.

How do I know? Well, I have lived both heaven and hell on earth.

About 5 years ago, I found myself in hellish circumstances after the suicide of my husband.  It was a very easy time to fall into the victim mode and claim poor me, and live accordingly.  I had a lot to be negative about…

What’s more, after his death, I lost my dad just three weeks later and then I had close-call with my daughter going into anaphylactic shock.  I had hit my limit and was at the bottom of hell, and knew I had to make a choice on how to go forward…

I also knew I was done feeling like a ‘poor thing’ and needing everyone’s sympathy…

It was this hell that allowed me to create my own heaven.  Somehow, I garnered the strength to rise out of these ashes and start to live differently, almost as if none of it had happened.  It was how I stumbled upon many of the secrets I am going to share with you now.

It was in the midst of this chaos that I decided to just be happy – to be grateful for what I did have – and to be excited about life and being alive.  It was that simple, but not that easy…

As I made this shift, everything in my life miraculously shifted.

It was like I was walking around with a different kind of magnet inside of me.  The magnet that had attracted all of the ugly stuff was now replaced with one that restored beauty, balance and peace in my life.

In about a year’s time, I had rebuilt my life with more love, joy and purpose than I had ever known. However, I found that once I got to this place of inner peace, I had to continue to work at staying here.  It was not like I had reached a summit, and I was done…

No, instead I realized that we need to make these shifts daily to keep us on our deliberate path forward and grounded. And fortunately, I realized that we can make a shift in instant; it does not take long.

You can manifest heaven or hell on earth as quickly as you decide to put your attention on it.  And you don’t need to go through a major wake-up call like I did to find your power to do this.

So, what’s the recipe to shift your reality?  Here are five shifts to start on right away…

1) Your language

Be mindful of how you talk about yourself and others.  Every word you speak has power.  That’s how the law of attraction works.

When you say something out loud or in your head, it’s as if you’re asking for more of it from the universe.  So, if you keep talking about things you don’t want, guess what… you’ll get more of it.

But if you consciously start to change your words to what you do want… watch how your world changes for the better.

Here are two ways to do that…

  1. First, stop complaining. For example, instead of complaining about your bills, give gratitude for what those bills provided, and that you have the ability to pay them.  Look for the good in it, or don’t say anything at all.  This is mindfulness at its best.
  2. Second, be deliberate with the words you speak. Only say what you want to be true. The law of attraction responds to absolutes/ what you put your attention on, not the words you put in front of it – in other words, it does not discern between “I want” versus “I don’t want.”


Imagine you are talking to a toddler. If you tell a toddler not to do something, (like “don’t touch that”) guess what… that is all they want to do. Instead, you distract the toddler and say look over here and try this…

It’s the same with your thoughts. Instead of telling the universe what you don’t want, focus on what you do want.

2) Your thoughts

Stop putting your attention on thoughts or judgments that don’t serve yourself or others.  This may feel inauthentic at first, but to change your reality you must start to breathe life into what you want to be true, and act as if it already is.

3) Your actions

Start saying “no” to things you don’t truly want to do, and only say “yes” to what you truly want.  Do something joyful/shift your state/enjoy music or dance or anything else that inspires you.

4) Your intentions

Be Clear and Decisive.  You can always change your mind later.

Clarity is key for manifesting. If you don’t really know what you want, you will stay stuck.  Spend time getting clear about your intentions, not your goals. In other words, put your attention on who you want to be instead of what you want or how you will get it.

5) Your control

Stop clinging to how things “should be,” and let go.  You will need to surrender and trust that the universe has a greater plan for you.

Try these simple steps one at a time, and see where they take you! Remember, they’re simple, but not easy… and they require daily practice, rather than a one-time or infrequent effort.

But, with practice, it becomes natural, and you’ll notice your mindset – and the world around you – start to shift.

In time, I’ll share some more steps for successfully manifesting the inspired life you’ve always dreamed of – one that will make your soul sing, and help you wake up each day happy to be following your true purpose…

In the comments below, let me know the first step you’ll take to shift your world TODAY. Then, go ahead and sign up below for updates from my blog, so you don’t miss out on any of my tips for creating the life you really want.