Kimberly Napier

is a modern luminary leader, an empowerment coach to women, and a dynamic international speaker.

As a catalyst for transformation, she is living her calling – to lead powerhouse women to go beyond their success, their failures and to live their truth, and their spirit.

Following her own triple-play wake up call, she emerged from the soul-crushing experiences as a force of purpose. She was free. She boldly shed her senior executive corporate identity, to follow the clear whisper from her soul. “You’re here to empower women to their truth and fulfillment.”

Today, through working with women worldwide, privately as their secret weapon, or through her sold-out workshops and group programs, Kimberly distinctly, and compassionately, guides women to begin the journey back to their soul.

To Live Uninhibited.

3 Secrets to Break Free from Fear and Take Your Next Big Step!