“I am deeply grateful for my time with Kimberly. She has been my guide along a path of transformation that I could not have imagined prior to working with her. She has pushed me to the edge – an uncomfortable edge – without letting me feel unsupported. She has provided validation for me when I had none and created a safe environment for me to be imperfect and vulnerable and appreciate these imperfections as essential components of who I am and who I want to be.

– Kelly Magnuson, Vice President of Operations, PROCLARA BIOSCIENCES

“Working with Kimberly as a life coach has been eye opening.  Though I consciously know what tasks lie ahead of me to realize my goals, she was able to allow me to view things from a completely different perspective – as if I were able to open a back door into my mind to view my motives and goals in a clear light.”

– Dr. Jean Barry, Founder of Deva Health

“Kimberly is an absolute wizard at discerning her clients’ truth! I instantly felt truly seen with Kimberly. She immediately became a guiding force in my life that kept me grounded and present on my path, at the same time, reaching for new heights that I never could have imagined. Her gentle directness is both comforting and challenging. I have never left a call with Kimberly without more clarity, confidence, and compassion for myself.”

– Megan Hellerer, former Executive at Google
Personal/Professional Transformation Coach

“My work with Kimberly was quite simply life changing. She quickly became aware of where I wanted to go on my journey and gently directed me there. Her ability to identify and clearly communicate what was holding me back helped clarify what I needed to let go of in my life, as well as what I needed to allow in. Her kind, respectful approach provided an environment that was free of doubt and uncertainty. I looked forward to our sessions and even though they were sometimes tough, I always felt more clear, free and strong. If you are considering a life coach, I highly recommend Kimberly. Working with her will bring change, stability, happiness and a grounded perspective into your life.”

– Martha Moreau, IBM Conference Manager, MA

“I never thought I needed a Life Coach.

I knew I had turmoil, but I figured everyone did, and I could just get by. Everything changed when I went to a seminar for women put on by Kimberly Napier. I learned more about myself in two days than I ever imagined possible and I took so much away from that seminar about myself and how to deal with stress and challenges in my daily life. I also walked away feeling incredibly empowered in areas of my life that I had not previously felt this way.

I hired her immediately to be my Life Coach. Over the years, I have tried more traditional counseling. And yes, I have had good moments in those times. Ah-ha moments, if you will. But I was never given the tools to find my happiness, to find my core and to give wings to loving myself. Kimberly has done this for me.

This year, I have struggled through breast cancer and tough business issues in my own company. I feel today, more than I ever have before, that I have a partner in my growth and I have someone who will remind me when I am awesome and also push me when I fall down. Exactly what I need to be a better mom, a better business owner, and ultimately, a better human being.”

– Dorothy Twinney, President, RBD Creative, Michigan

“Working with Kimberly has been truly inspirational. I contacted her after finding myself at a professional crossroads when my youngest child started school. Could I find my place in the workforce again? Kimberly encouraged me to articulate my professional goals, address my personal needs and determine a strategy for getting there. Having someone hold me accountable during my search to determine what made me happy gave me the impetus to follow through on setting goals and realizing my dreams. What an incredibly rewarding experience!”

– Amy Caggiano, Strategic Marketing Consultant

“I originally reached out to Kimberly when I came to the realization that I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel – going as fast as I could but getting nowhere, feeling burnt out and unsure of where I even wanted to go.  I knew that working with a coach would give me new tools and an accountability system.  However, now that I have worked with Kimberly for two years, our relationship is so much more and has far exceeded my expectations.

Kimberly expertly challenges my assumptions and my old ways of thinking  – always knowing exactly when to push and how far.  She has helped me to completely transform my life into something far more authentic and reflective of my values and I am truly inspired to see what more is to come.”

– Abbey Henderson, President, Abaris Financial Group LLC

“Can your life path actually be changed in a matter of hours? Mine was when I participated in Kimberly’s DARE workshop. Not only was I deeply moved by the honesty, vulnerability and desire for change in the women of the workshop, but Kimberly propelled each one of us to a new place of realization and resilience. With clearly outlined steps for personal growth and discovery, we left the workshop with a new perspective on ourselves, and the knowledge that we aren’t alone in our journeys toward change.”

– Cynthia West, Writing & Publishing Professional

“My breath of fresh air! Kimberly has been fantastic and exactly what I need and actually, in all honesty, more than what I thought I needed! When I first started with Kimberly, I wanted a cheerleader, someone to keep me on track…she did this and much much more. 

She has not only been able to inspire and motivate me but more importantly she has been able to guide me in uncovering true purpose and reveal to me my true operating system. Understanding myself and harnessing my true attributes has been priceless. Thank you Kimberly!”

– Dr. Melissa Magnuson, Veterinarian
Owner of Three Veterinary Hospitals, NH 

Melissa Magnuson testimonial photo - conscious petvet - client of Kimberly napier for private coaching
Melissa Magnuson testimonial photo - conscious petvet - client of Kimberly napier for private coaching

“I am so glad I found Kimberly! Through our work together, I took my coaching practice to the next level. I can count on Kimberly to deliver both direct strategic advice leaning on her marketing expertise, and, when appropriate, a healthy dose of tough love to stretch my comfort zone.”

– Hana Ayoub, former Coordinator, Blackstone
Professional Coach, NYC

Being coached by Kimberly during a challenging time of simultaneous major life transitions enabled me to emerge more grounded, powerful, and optimistic than I could have ever imagined. Over more than two years of working with her, whatever I was going through, Kimberly shared perspective and tools for me to use that helped me to not only rise to the challenges, but grow through them. She helped me to see that, all the answers, and everything I seek, already lies within me; this has allowed me to truly claim my power. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Kimberly and will continue to recommend her as a coach to friends and anyone who asks.

– Chris Holliday,  Actor, writer, producer,
consultant, and corporate trainer, NYC 

Melissa Magnuson testimonial photo - conscious petvet - client of Kimberly napier for private coaching


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