Powerful, Dynamic, Inspirational

Women describe Kimberly Napier as “awe-inspiring, authentic and amazing”, as she shares her own story of her triple wake-up call to encourage other women to live their truth, and elevate their life to the next level.  Women walk away empowered with the reminder “that I matter” and “I’m excited for what is next.”


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Move beyond fear and self doubt to boldly live the truth of who they are. Break free from patterns of overwhelm and feeling stuck to experience greater fulfillment in their life and work.

Live connected to their purpose and calling
leveraging their core strengths, passions and what truly gives them meaning.

Be an inspiration and leader for positive change in their personal and professional relationships, communities, and organizations.

Through powerful storytelling and straight talk, I guide women to step into their full potential, and claim what is next.


“Kimberly was a breath of fresh air when I heard her speak at a women’s leadership workshop. Her fun and engaging style, underpinned by her professional expertise helped lead us to discover something new about ourselves. I left feeling more courageous and prepared to challenge my ‘negative talk’ and empowered to lean more on my inner strength.”

– Jill Adams, Director of Marketing | Globoforce

“Kimberly is inspiring speaker! She presented an empowerment workshop to my female clients and the feedback I received was outstanding! Her engaging style and actionable advice had a profound impact on my clients and how to move their lives forward.”

-Abbey Henderson, President | Abaris Financial Group

‪”‪If you’re looking to elevate your female workers in your company, start with Kimberly!  Kimberly came to our headquarters… It was only an hour long, but the buzz in the hallways lasted for days after her appearance. The feedback from those who attended was nothing short of excellent!”

– Brigitte Fontaine, Sr. Mgr. Internal Communications | Progress Software



The Power of Living Your Truth

Signature Talk and Keynote (40 minutes)

Kimberly shares how she reclaimed her life after unimaginable loss, and how her wake up call became the catalyst to finding her calling.

  • Be inspired to embrace and create positive change in the face of adversity or uncertainty
  • Learn the three things that keep women trapped and how to break free to move forward and upward in your life
  • Feel empowered to live more in your truth and power right now

Being Resilient and Rising in Time of Uncertainty

(20 minute lecture and 10 minute Q&A)

Did you know that only 10% of your current situation determines your happiness, success or joy? The rest is up to you.

  • Discover how the power of choice can empower you to grow and thrive in the face of adversity and uncertainty.
  • Learn how to develop a more positive mindset and reframe fear and failure to help move your forward.
  • Become more resilient in your life right now.

Mastering the Manifestation of Change

(20 minute lecture and 10 minute guided visualization)

Change is inevitable. How you respond to it matters. Learn how to not only navigate through change, but how to make it create it – intentionally and powerfully.

  • Discover how the 5 steps of positive change
  • Kimberly shares many of her own manifestations that have transformed her life and the way she lives today
  • Go on an inward journey to meet your future self and experience yourself thriving and succeeding
  • Learn visualization techniques to employ right away to get you closer to living your dream today.