I have to disagree with a popular song lyric that goes like this: “You can’t always get what you want…but you get what you need.”

It’s a catchy song, but the message is a little bit off. The truth is if you believe in manifesting, and yourself, you can get exactly what you want and need in life.

First, a quick disclaimer: If you told me a few years ago what I’m about to tell you now then I would have said, ‘You’re crazy.” I had no idea about the law of attraction, manifesting and didn’t realize the power of thoughts. It wasn’t until I created real life evidence for myself that I became a believer.

The truth is we’re manifesting all the time. Good or bad? That’s a question to ask yourself. Just look around at what you’re attracting. The good news is that you can change this today.

Take my story: A few years ago, I was a young widow with two girls to raise and in a financial state that kept me awake at night. At the time of his death, my husband had recently switched jobs and the insurance company decided that our old life insurance policy that we had for 15 years wasn’t valid. My lawyer said to me, “There is no way you’re getting this money. It’s so clear. You are within two years of a new policy and will face rejection.”

I refused to give up, filed all the paperwork, and promptly got that rejection letter and it arrived on Christmas Eve. When I decided to appeal, I brought manifesting into it as a powerful tool.

This meant the following: I would see the money coming to me in the mail, watch in my mind myself opening that envelope and see the dollar figure I wanted printed on the check. I allowed my body to feel the relief of financial freedom as if it had already happened and I was experiencing the security and abundance it would bring. I even said the words, “I’m so grateful for this money. Thank you, universe, for taking care of us.”
A few months later and I opened the mailbox to find my case had been re-opened and the check I manifested would be sent in the next few days – on my birthday. My lawyer couldn’t believe it, but I did.

Still skeptical?

Cut to when I was open to finding love again. I visualized or manifested exactly what I would consider my dream man: “He’s six foot four, tall, dark and handsome,” I told myself. And then I got quite specific. “He’s a runner. Right now, he’s running with his dog. He’s comfortable in his own skin. He’s a coach. He’s a good dancer and he’s extroverted. He plays guitar and sings to me. He doesn’t need to live near me, but he will drop everything to come see me. He’s a great Dad.”

I actually wrote down those traits, visualized him (a silhouette of him), and five days later went to a workshop and met my future husband, Ron who has all of the above traits—and much, much more. Yes, he sings to me, but in Spanish!

So, why is it that we’re all not manifesting our dream lives on a daily basis?
The biggest thing that stops us from doing so is our natural indecisiveness. Clarity is not just key; it’s the power source or the engine. When you know clearly what you want then you can request it with conviction and the magic will happen. All you need to know is WHAT it is and not HOW it will happen. If you focus on the how, the magic is broken because that’s when we become disbelievers.

Say goodbye to asking: How in the world could this come true? How will I meet someone? Instead, I want you to replace it with gratitude as if it has already happened.
Let’s say you’ve tried manifesting and perceive that nothing is happening or you’re blocked here are a few tips:

  • Spend time slowing down, meditating and getting clear on what it is that you do want.
  • Now ask for what it is you want. Yes, put your request out to the universe with gratitude as if it has already been bestowed upon you.
  • Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that the universe is supporting you. Do not disregard these as a mere coincidence. Accept them with gratitude.
  • Let go now, and surrender to the universe and trust it will happen.
  • Find clarity in knowing exactly what you want and vow that you are worthy of having it.

You might need to work on the worthy part because most of us suffer from self-doubt. You can fake it a little as you work on yourself and truly discover that you’re a magnet for making your dreams come true. Once you have this type of renewed self-worth along with your clarity then you will feel empowered and thus become unstoppable. The rush will begin and the magic will be realized. If you want to learn more on how to manifest intentionally and powerfully tune in for PART II of manifesting next week and considering joining me and Katherine Glass at our next manifesting workshop.

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