I am offering the second workshop in the DARE Change Series on Friday, October 2nd from 9:30-12:30 – Articulate Your Purpose

This workshop is all about getting clear about what you want, and having a model to help you make decisions that best serve you and what fulfills you. You will walk away with tools to help you to create a vision for your life, and live a life by YOUR design and not by reaction, autopilot, or ‘have to’s.’


In this workshop you be empowered to become the author of your life and GET (REALLY) CLEAR!

During our time together you’ll write your legacy and define your life purpose. You’ll gain clarity on what your true-life purpose is by fully articulating your values (what gives you meaning), your passion (what fuels you), and your character strengths (what defines you). With this clarity you’ll be ready to reframe the HOW to make what you want possible, and learn how to increase your resiliency to stress everyday.

You can register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/articulate-your-purpose-workshop-dare-change-workshop-series-tickets-17384834508

We hope you will join us!