Ready to make positive change in your life?

KimberlyNapier-WorkshopDNov2014-FBAd1Ready to make positive change in your life?

Get Real.
Get Clear.
Be Brave.
Make IT Happen. Now!

DARE CHANGE Workshops for women give you the courage, clarity and confidence to make positive change happen.

  • Discover your power and learn what limits you.
  • Articulate what you really want.
  • Reframe the HOW by adopting a new perspective.
  • Execute it and make it happen!

Discover Your Power Workshop – the first of the DARE Change Workshop Series

This workshop is about discovering and unleashing your power of choice to create the life you want!

Working with a small group of like-minded women, You will be empowered with:

  • The knowledge of what specifically limits you from getting what you want
  • Mindful techniques to silence your negative talk
  • Pragmatic tools you can apply right away to unleash your best, and start living more powerfully today

Kimberly is “no-nonsense” coach with real-life empathy and a simple message – don’t wait for a wake-up call to transform your life. Working with exceptional women to help them courageously write their next life chapter and elevate their life on their terms, her mission is to empower others to live 100% authentically in their own fulfillment. Her DARE process, rooted in the science of positive psychology, will lead you on a path of self-discovery and equip you with pragmatic tools to create the life YOU want.

DARE to be different today. Allow YOU to be Extraordinary tomorrow.

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