Claim Your Life, Live Your Calling

It’s Time. A year long investment in YOU.
As your partner in transformation, I will guide you on an unorthodox path of radical self-discovery, clarity, choice and action, propelling you to new heights and possibilities you may never have imagined before.

If you feel the tug, and hear the whisper, this is for you.

  • Quarterly 1⁄2 day VIP days to Set The Course
  • 1.5 Hr Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Direct Access on Demand to Me via Text and Phone

A limit of 5 ELEVATE VIP spots are available.



Live On The Other Side Of Fear
You’re ready to reclaim and live a life you love. Whether by your own choice or uninvited circumstances, you are facing major changes in your life. As your private coach, I will guide you toward your power. From here you experience amazing shifts, and stand in your truth with courage and unwavering confidence.

If you are ready for significant change, this is for you.

  • 1 Hr Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Personal work assignments to develop momentum (supported via email/text communication in between sessions)

TRANSFORM private coaching is an initial 6 month program, and available for extending in 3 month intervals.



Break Free To Life On Your Terms
You’re ready to take bold action and make changes in your world. This is a powerful next step after the DAREChangeTM Workshop Series. You have clarity, and own what needs to be done to break free in life and career. As your private coach, I will fully support you as you step into action.

  • Game-changing Initial Session to Define the Destination
  • 9 – 45-minute Coaching Sessions
  • Custom journal, workbook and tools

BOOST private coaching is a 90-day personal program.