My Journey To Become A Coach to Women, A Speaker and Now an Author

What led me to become a coach and speaker to empower strong and successful women was my own experience of finding myself standing in a place where I was ready to reclaim my life and ready to reconnect with myself.

A place where I could live truly uninhibited – standing in my truth, full of love, without the fear of what others might think to hold me back, or have me settle for less.

Everyone has a different wake-up call.

As a busy executive mom with two young girls, mine came in a triple-play. The tragic, and sudden death of my husband, soon followed by the death of my father, and finally with a health scare with my daughter. My triple-play. I woke up to the clarity and distinct realization that my high-powered corporate career was no longer the right path for me.

I was reeling from feeling like things were crumbling around me, but in a moment of clarity I decided that I wasn’t going to let myself be defined by grief and uncertainty. I had to move forward for myself, and to be a strong role model for my girls. The losses were deeply painful. Yet, they brought me many unforeseen gifts, including the realization that something had been missing from my life for a long time. I was craving something. I felt an angst and needed to unleash it.

The safe choice would have been to stay at my current job, but deep down I knew that after all I had been through, my work was no longer fulfilling. I found that the plan I had for my life – the thing that I thought connected me to what I wanted – had completely disconnected me from living my truth.

For the first time, I threw out my plan and asked myself what do I really want. To listening to what was tugging at my soul, and to letting things just unfold. I was ready to stop playing it safe.

Through my journey I discovered that I was being called to reach out to other women who want to do something more with their lives. I rekindled what had always been my passion – connecting with people to uncover what truly drives and inspires them. I chose a new path that better served me, my family and my future clients.

When I finally broke free and dared to fly, the universe met me exactly where I was and I soared. I found the courage to follow my calling and the path has revealed itself in amazing ways.

Today, I am a catalyst for transformation. A change-agent who ignited a revolution that began with my Self. I have created an entirely new, incredibly joyful and fulfilling life that holds deeper meaning than I could have ever imagined. I am now married to the love of my life, and living a modern love affair beyond my childhood dreams. My children are thriving, and I have a successful business that enables me to stand in my purpose and serve hundreds of extraordinary women.

In fact, I am privileged every day to work with exceptional, powerhouse women who find themselves where I was – accomplished yet unfulfilled.

MY MISSION is to be a guide that helps the women I work with move beyond the conventional boundaries of success.

To empower self-discovery and her ability to increase her personal resilience, appreciation for life and to create a future with profound meaning. To stand in her fullest expression. To give herself permission to fill her soul first so she can better serve the people she loves. To help her identify and claim her calling — because that’s when life truly begins.

My Professional Background

My passion has always been connecting with people to discover what truly drives and inspires them. As I moved through the first part of my career, I had no idea I was preparing myself perfectly for my future work with women. Prior to coaching, I spent two decades talking to women and consumers to understand what motivates them and what drives their decisions. At that time, I was focused on helping brands dig in and uncover their purpose so they could stand in that place with confidence. Fast forward to today, I’m doing very similar work with women. As I guide clients through the process of identifying and articulating a deeper purpose that will result in major shifts in their lives, I am able to connect and serve in a much more meaningful way.

During my 20-year career in market research and consumer insights as a senior executive, business partner/owner, and moderator/facilitator, I led insight-driven teams to uncover the drivers behind some of the most well-known brands, like Gatorade, Pepsi and GE. My last positions were: Global Director of Consumer Insights at Welch Foods and SVP/Partner of Business Development at The Forbes Consulting Group, Inc.

My Education and Training

My curiosity about what motivates people led me to study human behavior with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and concentration in Psychology. I received my MBA in Marketing from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College. I am certified in Positive Psychology (CiPP), which is the study of optimal human functioning and resilience. I received my training under Harvard Professor, Tal Ben-Shahar, Kripalu Yoga Institute and The Wholebeing Institute. I earned my coaching certification from the renowned Coaching Training Institute (CTI), and I am trained in the CO-Active Coaching Model (CPCC).

My Inspiration

The inspiration for my life work starts at home with my two amazing, beautiful girls. I aspire to raise my girls to be confident, brave women who wholeheartedly embrace who they are today and who they are becoming. I am blessed to have an extremely supportive and loving husband, and from him two incredible boys who add to the richness of my life. My family along with my four-legged friends, Chase and Daisy, remind me every day that life is meant to be joyful and savored. I find flow through running and dance, and peace through daily meditation and my Kundalini yoga practice, and by reminding myself to slow down.

I had a choice: to live as a victim of his legacy or rewrite my own future, and my family’s future, on my terms.