Executive Coaching

We all have the potential within us to be great leaders.

How about you?

You can punch higher than you are.
You can find more fulfillment in your work.
You can have a greater impact on your organization.
You can inspire others to do, and be, their best.

It all starts with you.


As an Executive Coach in the Concord, Massachusetts area, I work with exceptional individuals, who are ready to be leaders by discovering and elevating their potential to inspire themselves, others and their organizations.

Are you a leader looking for a way to get your team to elevate to the next level?

I combine real-world knowledge and experience with powerful concepts and tools to help elevate executives to their personal level of extraordinary – which in turn, elevates the entire team.

Let’s engage so you can learn how my customized coaching programs can bring out the very best results in your team.

“We cannot wait for a leader to ride in on a white horse to save us. We all need to find the leader in the mirror.”

– Arianna Huffington

Who I work with

I work with exceptional individuals, who are ready to be leaders by discovering and elevating their potential to inspire themselves, others and their organizations.

As an Executive Coach I help you unlock your “purpose” – your own unique combination of strengths, FLOW (what fuels you) and values (what gives you meaning) that enables you to be your best.

To fully unleash a leader’s potential you need to become fully aware of how you are showing up at work, and in life.  Operating in silos doesn’t work in the workplace, and it doesn’t work in life either.  That is why when I work with executives, I coach the whole person and not just your executive role at work.

The reality is what you bring to the office, you bring home, and to other areas of your life – and as a leader you bring it to your team and colleagues too. Are you living your beliefs?

“Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Working with Kimberly has been truly inspirational. I contacted her after finding myself at a professional crossroads when my youngest child started school. Could I find my place in the workforce again? Kimberly encouraged me to articulate my professional goals, address my personal needs and determine a strategy for getting there. Having someone hold me accountable during my search to determine what made me happy gave me the impetus to follow through on setting goals and realizing my dreams. What an incredibly rewarding experience!”

– Amy Caggiano, Strategic Marketing Consultant


Are you ready to get out of your head and see yourself more clearly?

Executive coaching will empower you to:


  • Discover what is holding you back from playing bigger.
  • Uncover your blind spots that hinder your effectiveness (that which others see in our behaviors, even if this is not our intent).
  • Identify the strengths that when leveraged will propel you to achieve greatness, and become a more resilient leader.

“Kimberly is an absolute wizard at discerning her clients’ truth! I instantly felt truly seen with Kimberly. She immediately became a guiding force in my life that kept me grounded and present on my path, at the same time, reaching for new heights that I never could have imagined. Her gentle directness is both comforting and challenging. I have never left a call with Kimberly without more clarity, confidence, and compassion for myself.”

– Megan Hellerer, former Business Development Executive at Google and Personal/Professional Transformation Coach


My approach to Executive Coaching is a culmination of the principles of the co-active coaching model, positive psychology concepts that drive engagement, and the HOGAN predictive behavior personality assessment tool.  From these insights we will develop a plan for growth and accountability to punch higher in the workplace, and in life.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, I had a successful twenty-year career in marketing research, where I led insight-driven teams to uncover the drivers behind some of the most well known brands.  I worked with Fortune 100 companies to uncover the “brand purpose” behind brands like Gatorade, Pepsi, Coppertone, and GE.

Having worked in the corporate world for most of my career, I understand the frustrations, expectations and excitement that ensue from dealing with the ranks of corporate and customers.   I know what it is like to balance work and family, deal with challenging clients, run your own business, and lead a team.

As an Executive Coach serving the Concord, Massachusetts, Sudbury and Lexington, MA, areas, I combine real-world knowledge, experience and empathy with powerful concepts and tools to help elevate executives to their level of extraordinary for themselves and the organizations they lead.

“I reached out to Kimberly when I came to the realization that I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel – going as fast as I could but getting nowhere, feeling burnt out and unsure of where I even wanted to go.  In six months of coaching, which have flown by, Kimberly has given me concrete tools and held me accountable.   I now feel inspired and motivated with the confidence that anything is possible.”

– Abbey Henderson, President, Abaris Financial Group LLC

Ready to elevate as a leader to the next level? Let’s engage!