Reclaim your life and live your calling.

My ELEVATE VIP coaching program is a year-long program, created for the powerhouse woman who has achieved many things in her career, yet craves to live fully in her purpose.

Do you feel that there’s something you’re meant to do but you’re having trouble articulating it or taking the first step? Do you feel a knowing, an angst, and you’re ready to answer the call?

If you are seeking more meaning and fulfillment in your life work and want to attain it without sacrificing the success you have already created, my ELEVATE VIP program will help you live your dream. If you are ready to allow yourself to live in the fullest expression of your gifts and unleash your powerhouse spirit to the world — the time is NOW!

My ELEVATE VIP program is an investment that we both make in YOU. The level of intensity is high, and I only work with a select number of women in this capacity each year. I will be your guide, your sounding board and your partner, leading you on an often unorthodox exploration of radical self-discovery. Through our journey together, you will learn how to access the most authentic version of yourself in a powerful new way, propelling you to new heights and possibilities that you have never imagined before. The work we do together is remarkable and the results can be miraculous. Women who have worked with me in this capacity have gone on to pioneer their dream business, rediscover the soul in their business, and to powerfully reclaim their lives after divorce, loss and serious illness.

Let’s ELEVATE together!

THE ELEVATE VIP program is a full year commitment. Includes nearly 100 hours of coaching. When you become an ELEVATE VIP client, you have exclusive access to me and the resources I provide in the areas of life enhancement skills, spirituality and business development.
When we work together, we will meet for one to two hours a week (as needed), either in person, phone or Skype, and in between sessions you will be have full access to me via text. Once a quarter will meet in person for a half-day to assess our progress, brainstorm and prioritize our goals for moving forward and I also make myself available to brainstorm with you about your life/business.

I hope that you will make this life-changing investment in yourself and take a powerful next step in reclaiming your life and living your calling.

The ELEVATE Program is a year-long program. I only accept up to 5 VIP clients per year, due to the level of partnership.

If you are ready to claim your life and calling, click here.