FIVE Empowering Workshops


What’s holding YOU back from making positive change in your life?

PERFECTION? Does everything need to “be perfect” before you move ahead?
FEAR? Is the idea of uncertainty scary?
CONFUSION? Is there too much on your plate to not carve out time for yourself?
GUILT? Do you think you don’t deserve making change for yourself and are worried what others think if you do?
AVOIDANCE? Do you put others first — your kids, partner, friends, co-workers?
DOUBT? Do you doubt that you’re capable of making change?

If you said yes to any of these, you’re ready for positive change!

My DAREChange™ Workshop Series will navigate you to positive change with clarity, courage, confidence — and creative tools to unleash your power and make change happen. And all of this happens in a safe and confidential space, with other REAL women just like you, who are craving authenticity and inspiration to move forward. Be prepared to witness life-changing moments, tears, belly laughs and bonding with new friends in a judgment-free zone.

I am always blown away by the women who attend my workshops, and what they create for themselves in our work together. In just the past two years, I have witnessed over one hundred women make major shifts in their life —like launching a dream business, discovering their real calling, finding their soul mate, repairing stale marriages, and reclaiming their life after divorce or loss.

And while all these major accomplishments are awe inspiring, the game-changer is really not what they have done, but who they have become in the process.

Each and every one of these women have walked away with a greater connection and appreciation for themselves, and a commitment to live more authentically and powerfully as the best version of themselves.

That is what these workshops are all really about – coming home to YOU.

The DAREChange Workshop Series

Five workshops. Fabulous women. Fantastic stories. Focused outcomes. Fearless you.



The first workshop is about discovering your power of choice and making the declaration to BE REAL! You’ll gain self-awareness about what limits you from getting what you want and learn techniques on how to silence your negative talk.



The second workshop will empower you to become the author of your life and GET CLEAR! You’ll gain clarity about your life’s true purpose, and be poised to make it happen while being resilient in the process.


REFRAME Your Possibility

The third workshop will provide you with tools to develop a positive daily perspective, identify possibilities to reach your goals, and BE BRAVE! You’ll discover how to embrace failure and shed your perfectionist expectations.



The fourth workshop will show you how to make a plan for positive change take shape and MAKE IT HAPPEN! This is about affirming your commitment, learning how to be more mindful every day and keeping on a path for sustainable change.


CREATE What’s Next

In this workshop you’ll learn Visualizing and Manifesting. You will learn how your thoughts create your reality, and your future. You will learn how to manifest what you want through the use of a specific language, belief system and visualization techniques. You will apply these techniques to what you want next through the use of visioning and the creation of vision boards.

what you’ll receive from each workshop:

I will share how I pivoted traumatic upheaval into powerfully manifesting my future on my terms. This was the catalyst for the DAREChange Workshop Series because I knew for certain that everyone is capable of making positive change. Be prepared to witness life-changing moments, tears, belly laughs and bonding with new friends in a judgement-free zone.

When YOU are ready, please join us in an environment that is always:

  • Uplifting, with a three-hour session with a small group of like-minded women,
  • Comfortable, in a safe and calming setting,
  • Inspiring, with lectures and storytelling,
  • Life-changing, with unforgettable group and personal mindfulness exercises,
  • Supportive, towards furthering your daily practice with beautiful journals and workbooks,
  • Unpredictable, with many “a-ha” moments!

Learn more and register here.

I look forward to helping you discover what is waiting for you on the other side!

what women are saying

“Every woman needs this. Just when I thought I knew myself, the DARE Workshops opened my eyes to where I’m at, and what I need guidance on. I can’t wait to attend more sessions!”

Lisa McKenna,  Founder, Curious Marie LLC

“I was deeply moved by the honesty, vulnerability and desire for change in the women of the workshop. Kimberly propelled each one of us to a new place of realization and resilience.”

Cynthia West Writing & Publishing Professional

“I have been a part of Kimberly’s workshops and evening groups for over a year — I highly recommend the experience. I’ve been able to focus on changes in my professional life and grow personally on a journey with an amazing group of women”

Liza Snell, Brand Strategy Consultant

“Early in the workshop Kimberly stopped and looked at us and said ‘No one here is broken, you are all whole just as you are, you are enough just as you are at this moment’. It was as if a weight was pulled off of me.”

Jennifer Dale, Founder of Nashoba Concierge Service

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