Isn’t it time to start allowing yourself to live from a place of true authenticity in your life? Finally, a program for women who want MORE (fulfillment, connection, ease, clarity) even if you’re not exactly sure what it is or how to get it!


I hear things like this from women just like you all the time…

– “In my 20s I knew exactly what I wanted – and I would just go for it. Then in my 30s and 40s, in the midst of taking care of everyone else, I somehow lost myself.”

– “I slowly became disconnected from what I wanted and actually stopped allowing myself to want. Now I don’t even know what I want anymore.”

– “I do know what I need – clarity and confidence in myself again – to trust myself more.”

– “Inside, I know there’s more for me. I just don’t know what it is.”

– “Right now I feel like my life is running me, like I am just trying to get through it, like I am on autopilot.”

– “I wish I could just have this all figured out.”

Now… Imagine what it would be like to live a life where you feel completely grounded in yourself again – or maybe for the first time.

You are empowered with a deep sense of clarity and knowing that “I can do anything.” It is like you have a new system inside that tells you with 100% confidence, what is a “hell yes” and what is a “hell no” for you.

AND you have the courage to follow what you know to be true for you 100% of the time!

You are loving your life and wake up each day with a completely new sense of what is possible for you, and live in complete alignment with the authenticity of who you are.

The phrase “I don’t know” disappears from your vocabulary because you know exactly what you want—and how to manifest it.

Can you even dream what would be possible from this place of inner knowing and certainty?

Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?


Just 5 years ago, I truly thought my world was over…
I experienced the unthinkable and I was brought to my knees, not one but three times. In a matter of months I lost my husband to suicide, my dad died unexpectedly, and my 10-year old daughter went into anaphylactic shock and I thought I might lose her too.

Fortunately, my beautiful daughter was okay.

Just a month before this happened she asked me, “Mom, why are all these bad things happening to us? Are we bad? Did we do something to deserve this?”

My mama bear instinct kicked in and I said, “Of course not, YOU have done nothing to deserve this. You are smart, beautiful, wise, lovable and deserving of joy, love and happiness and all good things.”

But truth be told, I was asking myself that same question. Had I done something to deserve this? Was I being punished? As crazy as that may sound, how often do we wrap our WORTH up with what has happened to us– good or bad?

When I was in the hospital with her I found myself completely broken open and begging God to save her. I was not even a religious or spiritual person at the time, but I asked God for a sign…a sign to help me get back on track.

From that day I don’t know how I got through all of this, but there I was just a couple months later… back at work sitting in that boardroom next to the president. And then I heard it.

The sign I had asked for came.  In the midst of the meeting I heard a voice inside say “GET OUT.” Not just once, but twice. I admit at first I thought I was going crazy, but it was undeniable. You can call it intuition or divine intervention, but whatever it was, it was clear.  So clear that the second time I heard it I got up and left the boardroom without hesitation.  I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror – I was unrecognizable to myself. I knew in that moment that I had to leave.  I needed to be my home with my girls and I knew I was meant for more. I told my boss that day that I wanted to help other women move forward like I had. And that day I left my twenty year career behind.

I have to admit, after I made this bold move… I was scared out of my mind because I didn’t want to fail or let my family down… This “super planner” didn’t have a plan this time!

But what I did have was something unmistakably real – a deep inner KNOWING that this what right. I did not know why I was being called to this, or what my next step was, but I did know it felt right.

Once I allowed myself to break free and step into my authentic truth, and reclaim my worth from this place of inner knowing, everything in my life shifted.


I believe that we receive these “wake up” calls from the universe every day. You don’t have to wait for the “triple play” wake up call like I did.

You don’t have to wait until your world falls apart, you lose your secure job, or something tragic happens or your back is up against a wall… until you finally give yourself permission to answer the call that’s been nagging at you and asking to be set free.

The truth is you are not what has happened to you. You are not defined by your past or your present situation. And in fact, according to research only 10% of your happiness is actually driven by your current circumstances (source: Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky) and the rest is up to YOU!

You are the master of your reality. You have the power to shift your world by connecting to the power of your authenticity. Once you are connected with your truth, the clarity you’ve been seeking will reveal itself effortlessly.


Now I am living a life I completely LOVE! On my journey of trusting myself I learned how to create boundaries for myself.

I let go of what other people think to step into my truest, highest self. My life is not perfect, but it is authentic. I found my calling, and I am doing work that feeds my soul and supports me.

And, I discovered love again – the kind I once thought only existed in the movies! In fact, my new husband said the words, from a movie that I had always longed to hear, in his wedding vows, “Every day you make me want to be a better man.” I now have a love that seems as close to a modern day fairy tale that I could script.

And I am not alone in this. I have helped hundreds of women transform their lives by connecting to their authenticity through my DAREchange Transformational Process.

And now I want to offer the same process to you. I want to show you how to step into your most authentic version of you – the REAL you – and live the life you deserve.

And you don’t have to do it alone. As women, it is time to stop the “do-it-yourself-ing,” stop cheating ourselves of the support we desire and deserve. It’s time to allow your greatness to be seen by someone who already walked the path and can show you the exact steps…



This program emerged as I was completing my positive psychology certification. With everything I had experienced and studied about creating change–I knew I needed to offer women something that worked.

I reversed engineered my own journey to total transformation and created a program that included ONLY the things that were backed by neuroscience—and actually worked for me.

I offered my first version of this program at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and was delighted with the results and that led me to beginning to teach this program to women on my own—out of my basement.

Soon we outgrew the space and I began offering this in conference rooms and ultimately in my own private office space. My DAREchange is also the foundation of my coaching process that has yielded miraculous life-changing results for women all over the globe.

And now I am so excited to share that after years of helping hundreds of women, I am bringing my DAREchange Program ONLINE to help even more women just like you to transform your life in just 90 days.


  • Learn the 3-Step Fulfillment Formula to apply to any area in your life to ensure you are living in alignment with your truth.
  • Learn how to reshape your thinking with the knowledge of neuroplasticity and brain self-deception
  • Get connected to yourself again and get the clarity you are seeking
  • Finally shed the need to have ‘it all figured out’ before taking your next step…and move forward with ease.
  • Discover which areas in your life you’re unconsciously giving away your power (and how to reclaim it)
  • Learn how to silence your Inner Medusa (and free yourself from self-doubt.
  • Unleash your Inner Goddess and elevate your best self to center stage
  • Walk away with a NEW way of being YOU (this is sustainable transformation and not a quick fix).

“Every woman needs this! Just when I thought I knew myself, the DAREchange Workshop opened my eyes to where I’m at, and what I need guidance on!”

Lisa McKenna

“Can your life path actually be changed in a matter of hours? Mine was when I participated in Kimberly’s DARE workshop. Not only was I deeply moved by the honesty, vulnerability and desire for change in the women of the workshop, but Kimberly propelled each one of us to a new place of realization and resilience. With clearly outlined steps for personal growth and discovery, I have a new perspective on myself and the knowledge that we aren’t alone in our journeys toward change.”

Cynthia West

“I highly recommend the experience. I’ve been able to focus on changes in my professional life and grow personally on a journey with an amazing group of women.”

Liza Snell

“Kimberly’s approach has the right foundation: solid principles of positive psychology and the magic of the Universe combined into a powerhouse that has re-oriented my entire perspective. With Kimberly’s guidance I was able to find the strength to follow a passion for music that I had given up on a lifetime ago, and bring new and nurturing relationships into my life. Every day is now full of joy and discovery. I am grateful.”

Martha Juelich

“Everything changed when I did the DAREchange Workshop. I learned more about myself in two days than I ever imagined possible and I took so much away from about myself and how to deal with stress and challenges in my daily life. I also walked away feeling incredibly empowered in areas of my life that I had not previously felt this way. Over the years, I have tried more traditional counseling. And yes, I have had good moments in those times. Ah-ha moments, if you will. But I was never given the tools to find my happiness, to find my core and to give wings to loving myself. Kimberly has done this for me.”

Dorothy Twinney

“The DAREchange program helped me to affirm that I matter and see that I am not alone. Before the program I felt lost like I didn’t know my purpose. Kimberly has helped me to change and I now have a new positive perspective and sense of purpose.  I am self-aware now, which I never knew was a “thing.” I love being self-aware enough to recognize my energy and vibration and shift to more joy in the moment. I know now that I have the power to manifest and create my life going forward.”

Betsy Gabos

“Kimberly helped me to see that I am powerful and I am the only one who can make significant changes in my life regarding my mindset, thoughts and beliefs.  She inspired me and empowered me to take action in a loving approachable way.  She helped me learn to love myself and not only dream, but take the steps to make my dream come true in a feasible way.”

Emily James

I will be walking you through the 5 modules based on my proprietary process in my book “Know What You Want Next”

Module 1 Video: Discover Your Power
Module 2 Video: Articulate Your Purpose
Module 3 Video: Reframe Your Possibility
Module 4 Video: Execute Your Plan
Bonus Module 5: Create What’s Next


Discover Your Power is about discovering your power of choice and making the declaration to BE REAL! You’ll gain self-awareness about what limits you from getting what you want and learn techniques on how to silence your negative talk – your inner Medusa. You’ll learn how to unleash your best self, your goddess from within, and how to be a powerful creator of your life.

PROMISE: You will now have a new sense of awareness of yourself and deepen your CONNECTION and trust within you.

Articulate Your Purpose and be empowered to become the author of your life and finally GET CLEAR about what you truly want. “I don’t know” will be replaced with a new found knowing around what fulfills you. You’ll gain clarity on your purpose by fully articulating your values, your passions, and your strengths, and walk away with a new way to stay grounded in your truth.

PROMISE: You will now have a new sense of CLARITY about your next step so you know where you are headed.

Reframe Your Possibility shows you how to create your own luck by mastering your mindset. You will learn how to adopt a positive perspective so you can reframe the HOW of possibility and empower you to BE BRAVE! You’re going to discover how to be more positive in your everyday, embrace failure and shed your perfectionist expectations. You’ll gain tools to help you identify more possibilities in reaching your goals.

PROMISE: You will now have a new level of COURAGE so that you can take the leap and tackle what’s next.

Execute Your Plan In this workshop you’ll learn how to make your plan for positive change take shape and DO IT! You will lock in your commitment, and learn mindful ways to stay on track for sustainable change. You’ll walk away with a new way of being, and daily rituals and pragmatic tools to stay on your path.

PROMISE: You will be more CONFIDENT moving forward and making change happen.


Create What’s Next! In this bonus module you will learn how your thoughts create your reality, and your future. You’ll learn how to manifest what you want through the use of a specific language, belief system and visualization techniques. You will apply these techniques to what you want next through the use of visioning and the creation of your own daily practice and vision boards.

PROMISE: You will be ready to powerfully CREATE and MANIFEST your dreams.


Q: How do I know if I’m ready?

A. If you been feeling stuck on what’s next for you, and you crave clarity, then you are ready! That is all that is required. The biggest shift you will make will be the one that happens inside of you.

Q: Do I get all the modules at once?

A. Yes. All the modules are accessible when you sign up. This program is designed to help you at your own pace.

Q. What if I need more help?

A. If you’re looking for personalized help, you can APPLY TO WORK WITH ME DIRECTLY.

DAREchange Pricing:

Every day price:


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BONUS #1: Complete DAREchange Workbooks with Mindful Exercises ($250 VALUE)

BONUS #2: Extra “Create What’s Next” Module with Manifesting Exercises and Vision Board Tutorial ($350 VALUE)

BONUS #3: Free ebook download of Kimberly’s book KNOW WHAT YOU WANT NEXT

I know you have been looking for a sign to give yourself permission to start living the real you and stop living on autopilot- just to please everyone else. Well, here is your sign.

The time is now to step into who you are truly meant to be. I am here to be your guide to help you come home to who you truly are, and I promise I will take a stand for the version of you that you are meant to be and hold you accountable to your desires and dreams.

Here’s to what’s next!


Are you ready to start Loving your life?

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