Are You Ready to Fully Live Your Calling & Successfully Build Your DREAM BUSINESS as a coach, healer, mentor or consultant?

Finally, a step-by-step personalized program that catapults you into your purpose and gives you the freedom and sustainable business you crave.

It’s no secret that women everywhere are waking up to their calling… Every day I hear things like this from women just like you:

  • “I’m so bored and burned out with what I’m doing…”
  • “I want to feel excited again about my work…”
  • “I need more freedom and flexibility in my schedule…”
  • “I wish I had the courage to finally do it…launch my dream… and trust I can do it…”
  • “5 years from now I don’t want to look back and realize I never went for my dream…”

And I get it… it’s painful to know that you have a unique calling inside but fear keeps you stuck in the “gilded cage.” You feel like you have to keep going just to keep up the lifestyle, the success, and the expectations people have for you… even if that means doing soul crushing work.

Let’s be honest here…. in the back of your mind, do you ever think, “If I don’t keep up with the rat race…it’s all going to fall apart?”

Sound familiar?

Now, imagine what it would be like if you could live a life you love, doing the work you love… the work you crave, the work that tugs at your soul and fuels your purpose… while maintaining, or even elevating, your life and your lifestyle… What would your life be like if this were all possible? How would you feel waking up, excited about your day, and aligned with your soul’s calling, knowing that you’re earning a sustainable income doing what you love?


I know it, because I’m living proof. I’ve been there… exactly where you are now. Just 10 years ago, I was at the height of my corporate career. I had a seat in the boardroom, next to the President. I had an incredible income, job security and room for advancement. I’d made it. Even though I craved something more, I was set and I told myself to be happy with what I had. And then my “triple play” wake up call came. All in a matter of 3 months my husband died, my dad passed, and my daughter went into anaphylactic shock and I thought I might lose her too. I don’t know how I got through all of this, but there I was just a couple months later… sitting in that boardroom again next to the president. And then I heard it.
The sign I had asked God for had come. And in that meeting, he spoke to me. I ran to the bathroom to gather myself and looked in the mirror. I was unrecognizable to myself. The voice explained, “You need to leave, you need to be home with your girls, you’re meant for more and you’re meant to help women.” I told my boss exactly what I heard and I walked away from my career that day.


I have to admit, after I made this bold move… I was scared out of my mind because I didn’t want to fail or let my family down… This “super planner” didn’t have a plan this time! There were so many moments when I felt like I should have it all together. But I realized that I needed to step into a NEW me. The version of me that trusted her “inner knowing.” The decisions I made from the NEW me were bold, scary and exciting all at once.


I believe that we receive these “wake up” calls from the universe every day. You don’t have to wait for the “triple play” wake up call like I did. You don’t have to wait until you lose your secure job, or something tragic happens or your back is up against a wall… until you finally give yourself permission to answer the call that’s been nagging at you and asking to be set free.

I had total freedom and flexibility in my schedule. I felt alive and at peace for the first time in my life. I was living my calling! And what’s more is I created six figures in the first year, surpassed my corporate salary in year 2, and was able to redesign my life on my terms doing what I love and serving others in a way that I never imagined possible in my former corporate life. And I want to show you exactly how I’ve done it!

And you don’t have to do it alone. As women, it is time to stop the “do-it-yourself-ing,” stop cheating ourselves of the support we desire and deserve. It’s time to allow your greatness to be seen by someone who already walked the path and can show you the exact steps…

This program is different than any other program out there because of the personalized touch. Not only do you get to be with an incredible group of women like you throughout your journey, but you also get ten hours of one-one time with me to help you design (or redesign) your personal programs and offerings. Together we will get you on the path to a successful six-figure business.


  • You are (or are aspiring to be) a healer, coach, mentor or consultant and are ready to take your business to the next level soulfully designed on your terms
  • You want to serve in a powerful way while supporting yourself with your business
  • You want to create a sustainable business and are committed to your craft for the long-haul
  • You are willing to jump in and learn new ways of being and thinking and open to unlearning some old patterns that no longer serve you or your business
  • You know what you are called to do, but you are just stuck on how to make it happen
  • You are driven to succeed and committed to do what it takes to get to the next level of growth for you and your business
  • You crave the support and inspiration from a tribe of powerhouse women like you ready to live into their soul-purpose


  • You secretly desire to be a social media influencer
  • Your primary goal is gaining social media followers
  • You want a get quick fix for your business and are not willing to do the necessary work to create a sustainable revenue model


  • Craft your ideal vision for your business and set clear achievable goals
  • Pinpoint your uniquely ownable point of difference to stand out authentically in a crowded field
  • Identify your ideal client profile to manifest with intention
  • Design your signature program offerings aligned with your core gifts
  • Build a sustainable revenue model that moves you away from relying on trading dollars per hour
  • Get comfortable with selling and promoting your business from a soul-centered place
  • And do all of this without relying solely on social media


  • 2 In-person LIVE Events (9/16/23 and 3/16/24)
  • 10 Personal 1-1 Coaching Hours with Kimberly (in-person or via zoom)
  • 10 Group Q&A Calls with Kimberly
  • 12 Distinct Business and Soulful Modules
  • Hands-on blueprint/ homework designed to launch & elevate your business (see training topics)
  • Private Facebook Group where you’ll connect with your mastermind tribe
  • Network of spiritually connected powerhouse women like you
  • Priority Access to The Elevate Entrepreneurial Circle

KICK – OFF – 9/16


  • Stepping Into Your Potential
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Igniting Your Superpowers


  • Manifesting Your Dream Client
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Pricing for Impact


  • Optimizing Your Offerings
  • Owning Your Story
  • Building a Sustainable Revenue Model


  • Reframing Selling with Service
  • Promoting You & Your Business
  • Self-Care & Sustainable Success



Early Bird Pricing by 8/1/23 (save $995):
$5,000 or $833/month for 6 months*

After 8/1/23:
$5,995 or $99/month for 6 months

*FIRST 5 to sign-up get a bonus 90-minute session with me when you book


Women describe the Mastermind as:

“Life changing, soul finding, worth giving.”

“Friendships. Support. Kindred Spirits. No judgement. Inspiration. TRIBE!”

“This experience has changed my life. It has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought were possible.”

Here is some more feedback on the Elevate Your Extraordinary Mastermind:

“I never imagined the transformation that would result with one phone call. Life changing not only for me but for all my future clients.”

- Terry

“Life-changing. Enlightening. Just what I needed.”

- Teresa

“I would be so lost without this – the support, love, inspirational guidance. I love it! It’s helped me so much. I am so grateful!”

- Emily

“Clarity and power – A call to action.”

- Tracey