Introducing a step-by-step program that catapults you into your purpose to successfully launch and grow your A.R.T. Business.



  • You are longing to FULLY step into your soul-work
  • You are driven to succeed and committed to do what it takes to get to the next level of growth for you and your new business
  • You crave the support and inspiration from a tribe of powerhouse women like you ready to live into their soul-purpose


  • Powerfully manifests her every desire
  • Has a life and a business she loves
  • Wakes up excited about her day
  • Has a tribe of women who inspire her and have her back



  • 5 Distinct Business and Soulful Modules
  • 1 1-hour session with me (in person or via zoom)
  • 6 1-hr Group Q&A meetings with Kimberly (meetings are conducted via zoom)
  • Homework with blueprint/workbook designed to launch & elevate your business (see training topics)
  • Private Facebook Group where you’ll connect with your mastermind tribe

Network of spiritually connected powerhouse women like you



  • Stepping Into Your Potential
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Igniting Your Superpowers
  • Manifesting Your Dream Client
  • Owning Your Story



October 2, 2020 through December 4, 2020

Bi-Weekly Meetings (via zoom)

Meetings are Fridays from 1-2pm

Commitment is 1-2 hour a week of work

Investment in you and your business…

Registration:                                                                      $2,500 (or 4 payments of $625)

Early Bird Discount available until 8/1/20:                $1,900 (or 4 payments of $500)


Investment Options:


Women describe the Mastermind as:

“Life changing, soul finding, worth giving.”

“Friendships. Support. Kindred Spirits. No judgement. Inspiration. TRIBE!”

“This experience has changed my life. It has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought were possible.”

Here is some more feedback from other ART Practitioners:

“My biggest take away from the ART Mastermind was learning how to step into my full potential as an ART practitioner. Step by step, I was able to let go of old beliefs and began to truly see myself as a healer. During this process, I was able to confront my feelings of self-doubt and vulnerability as a new practitioner. Instead, I became grounded in my soul’s mission. Owning my story was a major milestone in helping me to step into this new identity. When I actually put my story in words, I realized how profound it was. My story was all part of the divine plan for me to go down this path to becoming an ART practitioner, and ultimately doing my soul’s work and living as my authentic self. I would recommend this experience to new ART practitioners as well as anyone starting their own business. It is especially relevant for those in the healing arts. Since the beginning of this course, I have changed the way I see myself. I am much more confident. I value my worth as a practitioner and I’m excited to share my gifts with those who need my help.”

- Krista Wesly

“I would recommend this course to anyone that really wants to move their ART practice forward.  I think as new practitioners, there are moments of insecurity we deal with and this course helps with that immensely.  Identifying your limiting beliefs and fears as well engaging the tools to work through them is a must do. It really helped me to find my voice and gain confidence in MYSELF which then I feel transitions into my practice and helping others.”

- Maureen Preskenis

“My biggest take away was the clarity I gained about what I really want to do in each of my businesses. Now I have a strategy to follow to be successful in both of them; now I understand how to connect with my ideal client and the message to send in order to have impact in my offers. I would recommend this experience to every single person interested in personal development and growth, interested in unlocking their potential, interested in growing their business, and understanding their why.”

- Alexandra Manrique

There is no other program that offers this complete blend of personal attention, guided feedback, and step-by-step support to help you launch your dream business. Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes. Your intuition is always guiding you to the right choice. The universe always has your back and is always, always working in your favor.

The next few months have the power to transform your world as you know it, but only when you step into the woman you’re meant to become and say YES to your extraordinary soul’s calling today.

Remember that you’re stepping into a NEW version of yourself. Understand that any thoughts of “I’m not ready yet,” or “I just need to get my website done, “ or “Maybe I can figure this out on my own,” come from Ego, trying to keep you small. The NEW you is ready to emerge so makes decision as she would, from your soul.

Investment Options:

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